One of the early Crown grants for this area was distributed to Henry Hyde in 1894. When Mr. Hyde received his plot of land, the area was undeveloped and unspoiled. Since that time, the population of Langley has grown considerably and while many neighbourhoods have greatly increased in density, the area around Hyde Canyon has stayed true to its country roots.

Hyde Canyon is perched on a hillside just a few minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of Langley’s downtown restaurants, shopping, and everyday conveniences. Whether you’re heading to Vancouver for the evening or up country for the weekend, it’s less than 5 minutes to the 232nd Street HWY 1 freeway entrance.

Hyde Canyon’s unique location offers a true ‘country community’ lifestyle. The property borders Krause Berry Farms, a favorite destination for families who love to pick and sample the delicious berries. Nearby Williams Park is a beautiful natural playground surrounded by old growth trees: great for picnics and picturesque strolls with the dog. It’s also a popular summer spot for kids to cool off in the Salmon River. Such natural pursuits are part of the fabric of life at Hyde Canyon.